Group Capability

Laser cut examples

Laser Process is a member of a group of companies based across England. From Bristol and Grays, in the South to Pontefract, in the North. The experience within the Group goes back to 1980 when laser-cutting subcontractors were considered pioneers.

The facilities available make us one of the largest organisations of its type in the UK ensuring that, when it comes to laser based engineering, we are able to complete any contract – no matter what size.

Within the group the following capacity is available;

  • Flatbed laser-cutting (16 systems incl. Fibre)
  • Multi-axis laser-cutting (3 )
  • Laser Tube cutting (1)
  • Yag laser systems (3)
  • Waterjet cutting (3 systems incl. multi axis)
  • Pressbrakes (11)
  • Presswork, Milling, deburring
  • Mig, Tig, Spot welding